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Welcome Letter from the Abbot President



Why I Founded Science Abbey

and the Order of Science


Dear Members, Colleagues, Supporters and Friends,

I would like to invite you to consider joining the Order of Science and connecting with the Science Abbey website and blog. I might also suggest following our pages on social media and participating with your reactions. I believe that the Order as a community is a great and singular opportunity to profit millions of people in a profound and lasting way.

As an entrepreneur I have cultivated a specific skill set over my career so as to put me into a unique position to found the Order of Science and Science Abbey. I began my journey with gymnastics, meditation, yoga, tai chi and licensure in nutrition and health modalities as a private contractor. I then studied business and political science for a degree at the University of Iowa and worked in the computer lab at the business college.

When I lived in the Washington, D.C. area I became the librarian and curator of the national Masonic memorial to George Washington known as “the face of American Freemasonry.” I was made a Mason in a room at the memorial and raised a third degree Freemason in a courtesy degree by George Washington’s own lodge in Alexandria. I was an officer of an honourable Mystery School lodge in the District of Columbia and I became a 32nd degree Freemason in Alexandria. It was my privilege to be mentored at the first ever public library in the District, at the temple of the Supreme Council, 33°.*



*This autobiographical history is not meant to imply endorsement by these institutions.


Finally I travelled to Asia, settling on the island of Java between the Indian Ocean and the Java Sea, just south of Borneo. This is where I have lived for eight years with a focus on meditation, web design, and the interconnectedness of science, spirituality and politics. The Order of Science is the digital media platform for supporters of meditation, science and human rights. The holistic lifestyle of religion – the method of science. Whoever you are, whatever you believe, I invite you to meditate with me.



There are Benedictines with the Order of Saint Benedict or Benedictine Order, and Franciscans with the Order of Saint Francis or Franciscan order, so we are called Scientists and our order is called the Order of Science or Scientist Order. You don’t have to be a scientist to join, or even a knowledgeable science enthusiast, you just have to have a sincere interest in science!

Please feel free to explore the websites of Science Abbey and the Order of Science whether you are a member of the Order, a scientist, or a supporter of scientific knowledge. Science is not a religion, it is a method of observing and understanding, and therefore the abbey welcomes visitors from all backgrounds and world-views. Join us to enhance your life with meditation and wisdom derived from the scientific method. If you are interested, you may view the Rule of the Order as it is maintained on the website.

Science Abbey is a website about science and its relation to meditation, health, the environment, culture, technology, the economy and politics. Science Abbey is a website meant to inform. I do not build solar panels, wind turbines or green architecture. I do not lobby Congress or organize demonstrations. I acquire and analyze information to be used by scientists, educators, activists and others to benefit their private interests in the name of the public welfare. Welcome to my laboratory…



Science Abbey is an informative editorial website, it is not journalism per se. Although there is some original research and information from primary sources, it is generally editorial content based on my experience, online articles and other sources of information. I am creating a record of my personal journey in meditation, science and community. In other words, I am researching, not reporting.

Critical analysis of the website’s content is welcome and if an inaccuracy or error is pointed out, an admission and correction will follow. We are skeptical of mainstream and independent media and are careful in our selection of sources; however, mistakes can be made here as with all human endeavors. Being fans of science, we enjoy learning new things and revising faulty work in order to constantly improve. Failure is a stepping-stone to success.

The Order of Science allows you to be as spiritual as you need to be, to be the best version of yourself, to discover your true self through scientific method. It doesn’t take a lot of time unless you want it to. You can devote as little as fifteen minutes a day to it (that would be my guess for a minimum amount of meditation or study, but it could be less), or every waking second, whatever is absolutely right for you.

I like science. I like monasticism. Therefore: Science Abbey. We support secular meditation or prayer so as to accommodate all faiths and none, that we can unite and share sacred moments together in the name of humility and humanity. This will help build a strong community. Love is not sectarian and neither is truth. We connect with the rational world with the method of science and we commune with the mysteries of nature with meditation. Meditation can be silent, it can be a contemplative reading, a chant, or it can be song. All are welcome. Come in peace.

Investing in Science Abbey and the Order of Science will contribute to what we hope will be a long lasting American success story. I am not a great poet, but the Order of Science needs great poets. I am not a great lawyer, but the Order of Science needs great lawyers. I am not a great orator, but the Order of Science needs great speakers. I am not a great scientist, but the Order of Science needs great scientists. Help us make the Order of Science great. Help us change the world.

If you are interested in learning how to meditate, or you want concise and accessible information about meditation, there is no single resource as useful as the Science Abbey website.


Melk Abbey Library, Melk, Austria


The Science Abbey articles are designed as an overview or survey of the cosmos to serve as a background for further education. They lay the foundations of knowledge that ought to be returned to periodically to refresh the world-view with a return to the holistic base. When I explain reality it does not mean I endorse it! You can be sure, however, that I will not twist reality to make it seem like a reality I do endorse. Writing for Science Abbey should be clear and simple, accessible to the average youth, yet alive with layered insights to inspire and illuminate even the most sophisticated literati and technicians.

This organization’s good work is not as obvious as a coat rail with coats and a sign that says “need one – take one, want to help, leave one,” or a soup kitchen, or a fundraiser to fight cancer. The Order of Science is about raising consciousness all around the world at every social and economic level, it is about educating people, making people healthy, making government effective for the people, and saving the environment. If you want to be helpful, we are asking for your help. And it starts with you. Help us help you.

Science Abbey is an interface between scientists and the public by tracking only the most important and interesting stories from all branches of science. Science Abbey will advocate science first and foremost, but it will also advocate community and tradition, such as that found in a monastery or parish church, meditation such as Lectio Divina and mindfulness, environmental awareness and enlightened political activism.


March for Science, Washington, D.C., Apr. 22, 2017, from the Newseum, photo courtesy of Anne Stearns Tanner


Meditation and science are the foundation; health, sustainability, business and law are primary studies. Business and politics are especially important as wealth and power protect freedom. We advocate donating to the poor, to the children and the elderly, to the disabled, to veterans in need and people in distress, as well as important causes, but our core mission is to hit right at the source, to lift humanity to a higher level. We are science warrior monks.

The global humanist culture of human rights and modern science is the most advanced civilization in all of history; the greatest empire this world has ever seen. Its wisdom excels that of the Akkadian Empire, Sumer, ancient Egypt, Classical Greece and mighty Rome. Its culture proves superior to that of the great nations of India, China, Japan, Russia, and Germany.

This civilization based on science and human rights is more powerful than the empires of Spain, Portugal, the Netherlands, France, Great Britain or the United States of America ever were. The whole civilized world gave rise to its strength and lives under its protection. The Rule of the Order of Science is written to enshrine and honor the institutions of this hallowed society.

Now, I know that everyone here is judging the Order of Science on my presentation, but that is not fair, its mission deserves a closer look. I am not tall, I am not handsome, I am not eloquent, and this undertaking deserves better than that. The scientifically proven benefits of meditation are manifold. The need for science and science advocacy is crucial.

How would a fully functioning Order of Science contribute to the world? I have visualized this scenario and it is worth fighting for and taking risks to achieve vital and attainable goals. Obviously this venture deserves a better spokesman than me, but I will do my part as founder and first President. This endeavor, like science, itself, is greater than any individual. It takes a community.